Parking Information

How to park and get up to our office:

  • Once you turn into Alliance Center, you will see our 20 story glass building (One Alliance Center) on the right, and two parking garages on the left. Use the second parking garage on the left, which has shiny blue glass matching our building.
  • Once you turn into the deck, turn left into the first parking entrance lane to access Visitor Parking. You will be on Level P-5.
  • If it is not raining, you can walk across the driveway area to get to our building.
  • If it’s raining, take the elevator from Visitor Parking down to Level P-4, turn right coming out of the elevator, and go straight towards the back doors. Enter the door that says “One Alliance Center Elevators.” Take this elevator up to the lobby. Once in the lobby, exit the parking elevator and take the main elevator up to the 4th floor.
  • When you get off the elevator, you’ll be in the reception area of the Weissman law firm. We share office space with that firm. Ask for us at the reception desk.