Business Law & General-Counsel Services

We serve as outside general counsel to businesses in a variety of industries. In that role, we:

  • create the form contracts that our clients use in their daily operations;
  • negotiate, draft, review, and revise contracts between our clients and their vendors and suppliers;
  • advise our clients regarding issues that arise with their employees; and
  • provide guidance on protecting our clients’ intellectual property (trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks, and patents).

Most of our business clients treat us as a trusted member of their management team and seek our advice on the broad range of matters that arise on a daily basis. Because of our experience advising a variety of businesses on a diverse range of matters, we bring a unique perspective to the challenges that our clients face. Our experience allows us to do more than just tell someone whether something is “legal,” we are able to advise our clients regarding strategy and tactics as they relate to their business objectives.