Commercial Collections

It is an unfortunate truth that most businesses, sooner or later, will have a client or customer that doesn’t pay its bills. Involving an experienced lawyer in the collection process can increase the likelihood of full or partial recovery, even if the debtor files for bankruptcy protection.

We help businesses collect on their delinquent accounts. Sometimes a letter from us achieves results when similar communication from you does not. But if a “demand letter” doesn’t work, we have had significant successes in court.

If you engage us to collect your delinquent accounts, we consult with you through each step of the collection process regarding which actions are worthwhile to take. We will be straightforward about your options, your chances of success, and the associated costs because, after all, the last thing you want to do is throw good money after bad.

Our collection work includes:

  • sending demand letters;
  • investigating claims of debtor insolvency;
  • making claims during debtor bankruptcy proceedings;
  • filing lawsuits;
  • enforcing judgments, including by garnishment and attachment; and
  • ferreting out hidden assets and undoing fraudulent conveyances.