Noncompete/Nonsolicitation Agreements

It’s a cliché, but it’s true: a business’s most valuable assets walk out the front door every day. There are several things a business can do to protect the investments it makes in the professional development of its employees. One is to have key employees sign noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements. Knowing that key employees cannot take the relationships they develop, the ideas they come up with, and the skills they acquire while working for your business and use them to compete with you provides an economic incentive for your business to invest and seek to grow.

We help our clients identify and select the interests that they need to protect and prepare the appropriate agreements — tailored to the specific client’s needs — that are necessary to protect those interests while remaining fair to the employees. And when our clients have been faced with the threat of a former employee breaching those agreements, we enforce them in court. We have obtained temporary restraining orders (TROs for short), interlocutory and permanent injunctions, and money judgments for clients that were confronted by former employees seeking to improperly exploit the relationships they developed while working for our clients.