Marc and Carrie are both hands down the best. I can’t thank them enough for working on our case. They were always just a phone call or email away any time we needed them. They treated us like family, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

– Lindsey Rose

My business was in a dispute with a competitor. I contacted Marc’s firm about the matter and was very impressed, not only with his knowledge, but also his patience when answering the large number of questions I had. My case was certainly not his largest, but he took the time to understand my situation, and I never felt rushed. Marc very quickly resolved the case in my favor, and I thought that our business was done. Some weeks later though, I received a call from Marc making me aware that my competitor was subtly attacking my business. He told me not to worry that he would take care of it. He did, and I could not be more grateful because I am certain the revenue loss would have been substantial.

As a small business owner, it defied my expectations to find a professional firm like Marc’s, who was not only able to protect my business, but also cared enough to follow up after our business was concluded.

– Jay Waddell, Owner, Axiom Tile & Grout Solutions

Marc is an outstanding lawyer and counselor. I appreciate his partnership and guidance.

– Damien Leach, CEO, Popular Revolt

Marc Hershovitz is brilliant! He had to untangle a mess that my first lawyer got me into because of his ineptness—I lost that case—a huge miscarriage of justice. I had to make a quick decision to appeal or not appeal. Two lawyers told me I did not have a chance of winning. … Marc [took and] dissected my case—bringing up many, many, many errors [made by] my [first] attorney, the other attorney, and the judge. He formulated a plan …. The man knows his stuff! It was unbelievable! We appealed! We WON!!!!

– Caroline Maki, Owner, The Maki Group

Marc has earned not only my respect, but my trust and confidence.

– Yogi Shah, Owner, Recoup Industries, Inc.

I have had the privilege to work, both professionally and personally, with lawyers most of my life. They are and have been exceptional lawyers and individuals. Marc Hershovitz is no exception, but where he stands out head-high above other lawyers and law firms is his passion and dedication. I have met few people in the world who could match Marc’s desire, effort and time, day or night, to take care of those he serves.

Marc is a force of nature, a passion that never wains in the face of injustice, equipped with intelligence and reason, a chess master of strategy, wit, will, and determination. His incredibly high ethical standards speak of a time that seems all but forgotten, but not with Marc. It is alive and well and stands out as a beacon of hope in the dimmed light of our times.

Marc’s motto is si vis pacem, para bellum (“he who desires peace, let him prepare for war”). Marc is a soldier who will help prepare your defenses for the battle of war if ever required, with courage and fortitude … and if there be battle, then Marc is who you want to wage the fight for victory.

– Chistopher Lewis, Entrepreneur | Inventor

Marc is such a helpful guy and a brilliant lawyer. It seems like any time I have a question about anything at all, he always knows exactly what to do.

– Ray Byram, Artist

Marc has been our corporate attorney for more than 15 years. We rely on him for general-counsel advice; he drafts contracts that we use with our vendors and retail partners; and he successfully represents us in court in a variety of cases, including collection matters, trademark-infringement cases, and employment-related disputes. I also use Marc for my personal legal matters, which is very convenient since he knows my business so well. I have the utmost confidence in Marc’s abilities, and I view Marc not just as an attorney, but also a friend.

– Jeff Robertson, President, PlayNation Play Systems, Inc.

Marc is an attorney with know-how, connections, and integrity.

– Rick Myers, President, Talent Zoo, Inc.

Marc Hershovitz is a walking law encyclopedia to such an extent that he’s a lawyer that other lawyers turn to when they need a second opinion or deeper understanding of a legal position. On top of that, he approaches legal situations with a balanced, experienced point of view, giving clients a full, unbiased appreciation of their legal options and potential outcomes. He practices with integrity and has my trust. He was recommended to me, and I have since recommended him to others.

– Richard Lenz, President, Lenz, Inc.

Marc has been our attorney since we signed the incorporation papers [in 2009]. He has become a trusted advisor over the years and makes himself available night and day if needed. His contacts in Atlanta and the state of Georgia are far reaching and useful as well. I have confidently recommended him many times and will continue to do so. His integrity is incomparable.

– Amy Hoover, President & Co-Founder, Strongbox West

Marc Hershovitz has been my attorney since 2008 for my business and personal matters. He is trustworthy and reliable and provides excellent advice. I have complete confidence in him. He is a pleasure to work with. I consider him my friend as well as my attorney.

– Mack Tabrizi, Owner, Regal Studio Fine Jewelry

Marc is a creative thinker and is someone who will then go do the homework and dig through the law. That’s a pretty good combination. [My case] was the first time a statewide election was ever thrown out in the history of this country. Marc is the one who came up with the idea and the case.

– Howard Mead, plaintiff in Mead v. Sheffield

My son C. called me yesterday after meeting with you to share some of the “highlights.” He didn’t have a magic solution, but he did have confidence in his next steps, which was a tremendous comfort to him (and to me).

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am for him about the successful outcome he’s found with his insurance company. Because of his conversation with you, he was able to present his best argument/appeal and fortunately that was sufficient.

I am looking forward to sharing with others the great experience that we’ve had in our conversations with you. First on my list are the referring attorneys. They’re both people that I admire and I understand now why you came so highly recommended.

– D.B.

I have had the pleasure of working with Marc on several different matters. Put simply, he is an exceptional attorney. He’s a consummate professional, brilliant in the courtroom and out, and great with his clients as well as other lawyers.

– Chandler Mason, Atlanta personal-injury attorney

As our corporate attorney, Marc has provided legal representation and advice in various situations ranging from preparing basic corporate documents to defending us in legal proceedings. He has excelled at preventing our company from getting into legal disputes by being proactive and insuring that we are following the law and putting the necessary documents in place prior to any incidents.

Marc is also very realistic and fair. He has always advised us on the pros and cons of legal action and lays out the financial considerations to determine if the matter is worth pursuing. While he may not always recommend what we want to hear, his advice is very objective and has always been in our company’s best interest.

We have also called on Marc for advice on personal legal matters. In instances where he is not able to help, he has always recommended extremely reliable and competent guidance for us.

We have been fortunate to have Marc as our attorney. I have and will continue to refer Marc to business associates and friends.

– Andria Yildirim, CEO, Analytical Environmental Services, Inc.

I have had the pleasure of working with Marc on a number of matters. I am impressed with the quality of his relationships with his clients, his willingness to bring in others to help with matters, and his impressive results for his clients. He has kept clients for years. I don’t hesitate to recommend him.

– Danette Joslyn-Gaul, Atlanta attorney

Marc is one of the few lawyers in Atlanta who can see and understand the political implications of legal decisions. That’s a major benefit when he’s representing elected officials and candidates … who need a combination of political and legal advice.

– The Honorable Cathy Cox, Georgia Secretary of State (1999-2007)

I’ve used several lawyers over the years, but after working with [Marc], I now know what a good lawyer is like.

– G.M.

I have been privileged to work with Marc on a number of matters. I am impressed with his attention to detail, sound reasoning and creative problem solving.

– Wayne Morrison, Atlanta attorney