Christopher Lewis

I have had the privilege to work, both professionally and personally, with lawyers most of my life. They are and have been exceptional lawyers and individuals. Marc Hershovitz is no exception, but where he stands out head-high above other lawyers and law firms is his passion and dedication. I have met few people in the world who could match Marc’s desire, effort and time, day or night, to take care of those he serves.

Marc is a force of nature, a passion that never wains in the face of injustice, equipped with intelligence and reason, a chess master of strategy, wit, will, and determination. His incredibly high ethical standards speak of a time that seems all but forgotten, but not with Marc. It is alive and well and stands out as a beacon of hope in the dimmed light of our times.

Marc’s motto is si vis pacem, para bellum (“he who desires peace, let him prepare for war”). Marc is a soldier who will help prepare your defenses for the battle of war if ever required, with courage and fortitude … and if there be battle, then Marc is who you want to wage the fight for victory.