Sometimes You Need to be Told “No”

There is an interesting trial going on in New York involving Macy’s, Martha Stewart, and J.C. Penney. Martha Stewart and Macy’s signed a contract several years ago in which Macy’s obtained the exclusive rights to sell Martha Stewart products in… Read More

Who owns the pope’s Twitter account?

One of the many questions raised by Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation is who owns his Twitter account. Does the @pontifex Twitter account belong to the office or the man? Since it has been 600 years since any pope has resigned, resolving this issue i… Read More

Can I see your company’s ID?

Imagine that you own Steel Blade, a manufacturer of expensive steak knives. You sell your knives to boutique cutlery stores nationwide. Your best seller is the Steel Blade 3000, which can cut through a brick like warm butter and still slice through a… Read More

Does Your Business Have a Prenup?

Larry King didn’t have a prenup when he got married for the eighth time. So when he allegedly cheated on his wife with her sister, a large part of his estimated $144 million fortune could have been split 50/50 in a divorce under California law had… Read More

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