We persuaded the Georgia Supreme Court to overturn a statewide election. This was the first successful statewide election challenge in U.S. history. In a statewide election in which almost 1.1 million votes were cast, a runoff was to take place between the top two vote-getters; Howard Mead was in third place by 382 votes. But 529 absentee ballots distributed to voters in one county listed Howard Mead as “Thomas Mead.” And another candidate’s first name was Thomas, further adding to the confusion. Howard Mead hired us to challenge the election results. After a contentious trial and appeal, the Georgia Supreme Court invalidated the first election because of the irregular ballots and ordered a new election take place. For a copy of the Supreme Court’s decision, see Mead v. Sheffield, 601 S.E.2d 99 (Ga. 2004).

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