Planning ahead can be the difference between winning and losing

The New York Times did something very interesting last week: it published the article its reporter had written for the paper to use had Vice President Joe Biden decided to run for president. The editors published the article because they thought it h… Read More

Pick up the phone and make a call

If email and text messaging had been invented first, the telephone would be considered the most remarkable, fantastic invention. Think about it. With the telephone, you can pick up a small object and press a few buttons and instantly talk with someon… Read More

Don’t be an ostrich

We have a judgment against another lawyer because that lawyer filed a frivolous lawsuit against one of our clients. Because that lawyer is continuing to flout the legal system (there are some bad lawyers out there), we filed a motion with the court s… Read More

Check out our new website

We had a basic website for years at We knew it needed updating. Finally, we got it done. We’re pleased to announce that our new website is up and running, and we’d love for you to check it out. You’ll find information about… Read More

Your business can benefit from periodic self-reflection

One of our insurance companies sends us a letter every year asking us a series of questions about whether anything has changed in our firm. Have we opened any new locations? Do we still use the same computer programs and stationary? Does Carrie still… Read More

Have you sold your soul?

For one day in 2010, the British online-gaming store GameStation changed the terms and conditions that customers had to click through to complete their purchase to include this: “By placing an order via this GameStation Web site … you agree to gr… Read More


After 11 years of litigation—the largest trial judgment in Georgia history, three published decisions from the Court of Appeals, two denied petitions for writs certiorari by the Georgia Supreme Court, one published decision from the Georgia Supreme… Read More

How can you protect the investments you make in your employees?

Several large Silicon Valley companies, including Apple and Google, are defendants in an antitrust class-action lawsuit because they agreed not to hire each other’s employees. The defendants struck their anti-poaching deals so they wouldn’t lose… Read More

Contracts can do more than protect your rights

We recently were looking to hire a company to provide a service to our firm. There were several that looked promising. We met. We talked. And for the ones that we liked, we asked them to send us a copy of their contract. Then the decision about which… Read More

The Mom Test

In honor of Mother’s Day this coming weekend, I thought I would tell you that before you sign your next contract, you should ask yourself whether my mother would understand it. If the answer isn’t yes, then you shouldn’t sign it. A written con… Read More

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