Contracts can do more than protect your rights

We recently were looking to hire a company to provide a service to our firm. There were several that looked promising. We met. We talked. And for the ones that we liked, we asked them to send us a copy of their contract. Then the decision about which… Read More

The Mom Test

In honor of Mother’s Day this coming weekend, I thought I would tell you that before you sign your next contract, you should ask yourself whether my mother would understand it. If the answer isn’t yes, then you shouldn’t sign it. A written con… Read More

A Frequently Asked Question 

Q: How do I know when I should get a lawyer to prepare or review a contract? A: Imagine the worst-case scenario of everything going wrong once you sign that contract. Figure out what that will cost you. If you’re OK with losing that amount of mo… Read More

What is in a name?

When Apple developed its first laptop computer in 1989, they called it the Macintosh Portable. Sales were less than stellar. After a redesign, Apple rechristened the Portable as the PowerBook, and sales took off. Read More

Marc named Super Lawyer for 2014

First comes the Golden Globes, then the Oscars. Lawyers have their awards too, but without televised prime-time galas hosted by comedians. Thomson Reuters named Marc a “Super Lawyer” for 2014. Read More

How to Get Good Business Advice Without Hiring High-Priced Consultants

Your business makes money by taking risks. The bigger the risk, the bigger the potential payoff—but the potential loss is greater as well. It’s your job to decide what risks are worth taking. Read More

Marc named part of the Legal Elite for 2013

Georgia Trend, a magazine covering Georgia business, politics, and economic development, named Marc to its 2013 Legal Elite list. The list is published in Georgia Trend’s December issue, which is on newsstands now. The Legal Elite list highlights G… Read More

Don’t Go There

Analytics, the search for patterns and meaning in data, played a big part in President Obama’s reelection. The president’s 54-person analytics team worked in a windowless room off the main floor at his campaign headquarters in Chicago. They calle… Read More


Anyone who’s been around young children knows the question. You can count on them to ask it in almost every situation. Answer it and they will ask it again about the answer. It’s how they learn. As adults, we don’t ask the question enough. A… Read More

Court of Appeals approves $459 million trial verdict

Earlier this month, the Georgia Court of Appeals approved the $459 million trial verdict that we obtained on behalf of more than 300,000 Atlanta-area individuals and businesses against a firm that engaged in illegal junk faxing. The $459 million judg… Read More

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